This is What I'm Digging

I've been lazy with writing in this space. Here are things I'm digging right now, in no particular order:

The John Singer Sargent exhibit at the Met (is it weird that I was also attracted to his self-portrait??)

Noah Baumbach movies (badass women/awesome dialogue)

Alec Baldwin's podcast, Here's the Thing (his voice! His questions!)

Beirut's new album No No No (it just gets me where I need to be...and the instrumental stuff!)

Casablanca (because I just saw it for the first time, I know I know)

Biking (because I'm finally learning to navigate the mean streets of Brooklyn after letting my bike sit around for four years)

Ample Hills Ice Cream (even though my stomach can't handle it)

Season-change (and yes I'm one of those pumpkin-loving fools)

Daydreaming about flying to Australia (to see my favorite pals. And swim in that ocean)